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      1. HotLine:0536-6681127

        LeHua Group

        LeHua Group from scratch, from small to large, closely around the paint leading industry, grasp the market opportunity, the implementation of the shareholding system reform, strengthen internal management, rapid development in the tide of market economy, the current annual production capacity has reached 200 thousand tons, becoming one of the nation's largest oil paint production enterprises.

        Brand Strategy

        Integrity, professional, careful, win-win
        Service from the details of the start
        Attentive, attentive service

        Development History

        To first-class management, first-class equipment,First-class technology, first-class quality,To provide you with first-class service

        • Building Paint

        • General Paint

        • Wood Paint

        • Anticorrosive Paint

        • Special Coating

        • Water Based Industrial Paint

        LeHua Group News

        Our annual production capacity of 200 thousand tons, the best-selling products, and exported to Russia, South Korea, North Korea, Mongolia, Bangladesh and other countries.


        Quality of survival to the credibility of development

        Product Center

        Lehua paint to refresh the world


        Revitalization group dare to be the first


        Honesty social commitment

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